Wednesday, December 23, 2015


 Introducing Crumbling Empire

Glad you're here. This blog, like the former Mills River Progressive, will focus on current events, primarily in the arenas of politics, economics, and the environment. Yet the focus here will be that which speaks to (and of) the ongoing societal disintegration happening all around us.

 Judging from the conversations some of us have been having with each other online, most of us are experiencing that the systems we grew up surrounded by have gone terribly wrong. We feel the chaos, the discord, and the tension, even if unconsciously. And in daily life, it feels like we're surrounded by people who don't have a clue about what's actually going on - and worse, have no interest in finding out. Whatever the MSM is blathering about on any given day is the extent of their information.

 That can feel alienating, adding to the undercurrent of tension that's already there. So the point of this space is, in addition to (hopefully) becoming a forum for sharing info and expressing yourself, it will also be a reminder that you have companeros out there. The goal here isn't a huge readership, but an ideal one, for individuals who question everything and don't fit into the mainstream paradigm.

Please follow this blog, so that you'll be emailed whenever a new post comes out. You will not be asked for donations, nor subjected to ads.


Blogger Dredd said...

Very good to hear from you again Anna.

5:19 AM  
Blogger D. said...

Hey! Welcome back! Good to see you!

6:33 AM  

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