Wednesday, December 04, 2013

This is What Idiocy Looks Like

As someone with a parent suffering from Alzheimer's, this breaks my heart on an additional level. Not surprisingly, it happened in Georgia, which is a great state not to live in. People with Alzheimer's who are not in secured facilities usually do wander; in fact, many seem almost compelled to "go somewhere." I think it's because nothing seems familiar to them, even when they are at home, and so off they go, trying to find a place that does feel familiar. It was an ongoing problem with my mom before she went into a care facility.

For someone to shoot such an impaired elderly person for coming onto their property is cowardly to the enth degree, and clearly 100% unnecessary. How timid, fearful, and cowardly are these morons, anyway? Are they really so terrified of everything that they must open fire on anyone that stumbles onto their property? So much for the "home of the brave" theory.

Maybe these gutless wonders should try growing a set before buying yet another firearm - we'd all be better off, I'm sure.


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