Saturday, November 23, 2013

Obamacare and other messes

The problems with Obamacare extend far beyond computer glitches and a badly run website!

Contrary to the delusions of the tea party and other wingnuts, Obamacare is the opposite of "socialized medicine." The reason I've been against it from day one is that it actually enshrines the role of the insurance company at the top of the healthcare pyramid, and sets any genuine healthcare reform behind at least a couple of decades. And I've always believed - the Corporate Supreme Court notwithstanding - that the "individual mandate" is actually UN-constitutional.

In September, Dr. Philip Caper wrote that the ACA “is far too complicated and therefore too expensive to manage, full of holes, will be applied unevenly and unfairly, be full of unintended consequences, and be easily exploited by those looking to make a quick buck.”

And as Norman Solomon points out on Common Dreams, "The ACA is so complicated because it has been so relentlessly written for the benefit of—and largely written by—insurance companies." Exactly. And the individual mandate is not only a huge gift to the corporations, who we all are now FORCED to patronize (with no public option available), it is also a great gift to the GOP.

As Solomon writes,“On a political level, the mandate provision is a massive gift to the Republican Party, all set to keep on giving to the right wing for many years. With a highly intrusive requirement that personal funds and government subsidies be paid to private corporations, the law would further empower right-wing populists who want to pose as foes of government ‘elites’ bent on enriching Wall Street.”

Read more of what Solomon says about the ACA in his piece discussing the "poison of party loyalty" here. And this poison, which the O-bots refuse to acknowledge, applies to a good many other areas, as well as to both political parties. Neither of the two main political parties serve the interests of the American people, and citizens need to wake the hell up to this fact and stop mindlessly supporting measures (and voting)  by party affiliation.


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