Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Issues to Act on Now!

The NSA's biggest cheerleaders in Congress are trying to trick the American people into supporting a bill that would legalize NSA mass surveillance! Dressed up in squishy PR language, the "FISA Improvements Act" looks like reform on the outside. But in reality, it's 'reform' lipstick on a pro-spying pig.

And it's designed to distract Congress from passing a real reform bill backed by all the NSA's most prominent critics: the USA Freedom Act -- which would ban the NSA's bulk data collection program!

The USA Freedom Act has 16 cosponsors in the Senate and over 70 in the House. It's supported by the ACLU and the companies responsible for protecting our data -- like Google, Facebook, Microsoft,and Apple

We need to make sure our lawmakers know we want legislation that actually reins in the NSA, not bogus reform written by the NSA's favorite Senators -- which amounts to a rubber stamp for the NSA to go on spying on Americans.
Tell your lawmaker to end NSA mass surveillance -- not legalize it!

And the Alliance for Natural Health says this about the Farm Bill:
 It Would Cost $1 Trillion, Unravel GMO Labeling Laws, Ruin Small Farmers, and Affect Sixteen Million Jobs 
  The mainstream media’s focus is on food stamps—but here’s what the natural health community needs to know about the Farm Bill. Action Alert!

Over the summer, both the House and Senate passed wildly different versions of the Farm Bill. Now, through a conference committee (where both chambers of Congress meet to merge their separate bills into one), your legislators are trying to bridge a $36 billion dollar gap between the two bills.

The Farm Bill doesn’t just affect farmers—it could have a real impact on you and your family: at stake are 16 million American jobs, the price of groceries, several already-passed GMO labeling laws, and $1 trillion of your tax dollars.

For the natural health community, there are multiple areas of concern in both versions of the bill (the House’s version alone is 608 pages long, so this isn’t surprising). However, there’s one amendment the final Farm Bill should not include, and one section it definitely needs to keep.... Read the rest here.


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