Sunday, November 10, 2013

far, far behind....

Anyone who works for a living (and isn't a delusional wingnut) KNOWS this is true:

"Today's current minimum wage has also fallen far behind in compensating workers for the wealth their labor creates. Had the minimum wage kept up with workers' climbing productivity since 1960, it would be around $22 per hour today. What the corporate captains have not been able to cheat out of their employees by paying them less, they have more than made up for by increasing their workload and stress."

Which brings to mind another piece of truth:

"It's ridiculous that working-class Americans struggling to survive day-to-day are paying more in taxes than billionaire banksters and oil tycoons."

Which reminds us that the good of American workers and many others, not to mention our own country's sovereignty, is in critical danger from this.


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