Tuesday, October 08, 2013

We can be Heroes...

This is a great collaboration from David Bowie, Briano Eno, and Robert Fripp, which experimented heavily with different recording techniques, giving the song a unique feel. King Crimson guitarist Robert Fripp achieved his sustained sound by allowing his guitar to feed back and altering the pitch of the feeback by sitting at different positions throughout the room. The vocal recording was equally ambitious, having Bowie sing through three different microphones, with one positioned nine inches away from him, another at 20 feet, and another at 50 feet. The result made for an interesting effect that not only changed the dynamics (Bowie would have to sing louder as the further mics were switched on), but increased the natural reverb as the song goes on. On top of that, the song is one of Bowie's greatest and is a landmark in his career. (Crooks and Liars Late Nite Music Club)


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