Monday, September 16, 2013

No Thanks to Obummer....

..who was absolutely bound and determined to inflict this corrupt, sleazy, chinless sociopath on the country so he could finish his job of gutting the middle class. Yes, Summers is out of the running. As Robert Scheer so aptly noted, “The idea that Barack Obama would still consider appointing Lawrence Summers to head the Federal Reserve rather than order an investigation into this former White House official’s Wall Street payments, reported Friday by The Wall Street Journal, mocks the president’s claimed concern for the disappearing middle class. Summers is in large measure responsible for that dismal outcome, and twice now, after top level economic postings in both the Clinton and Obama administrations, he has returned to gorge himself at the Wall Street trough.”

Of course, Obomber obtusely refused to get the message, and wouldn't acknowledge the widespread uproar over the Summers nomination to head the Fed.  Either that, or he was simply sticking to his marching orders issued by the international banking cartel. He also didn't care that in doing so, he was bypassing the more qualified female candidate for the job.

I think the Fed should be sent packing altogether, but the majority of wholly-owned politicians in office now will never let that happen. Their allegiance is to the Wall Street and the banksters, as evidenced by who they "bailed out" in 2008. But I digress.

Truthdig reminds us that "by withdrawing his name from consideration, he spares us all the 'acrimony' of pointing out the many problems with his nomination. Besides, he’s bound to make a fortune right where he is, earning speaking and consulting fees from the financial institutions that have benefited so well from his time in government."

Postscript: Here's a couple more pics of Leapin' Larry to remember him by. Buh-bye, Lar!

Sleeping on the job...                                          For gawd's sake, blow yer nose! What are you, six?!


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