Saturday, February 23, 2013

No Freaking Way......

Yes, I do realize it was probably inevitable that the insane wing of the GOP would initiate this, but it still makes my insides clench in disgust. Some repugs now want to give corporations VOTING RIGHTS in municipal elections. A lawmaker from Montana introduced a bill that would do just that.

After all, corporations are people, my friend, so it follows - in the mutant gopper mind, anyway - that they should also vote and enjoy unfettered free speech. (Never mind the fact that YOU don't have unfettered free speech!)

Fortunately, this Montana bill never went anywhere, at least for now. I just wonder when the next such bill will be introduced, and in what other states. They'll probably want to start desensitizing the public to that disturbing proposition, bit by bit.

In response, I just want to say one thing: We are never going to let that happen. Ever.


Blogger Father Tyme said...

First off, they have to meet the same requirements as people, right? They must be at least 18 years of age, be registered have an SS number, show a legal, registered birth certificate for initial voting, show place of residency for the last year, can not have been "born" of a merger or takeover less than 18 consecutive calendar years from time of merger since that would invalidate the actual age issue (if they emmigrated from another country, to be eligible to vote they must have become U.S. citizens the same way humans do by studying and then passing a test and no, they can't have someone else take the test for them) need to have proof of age with identifying photograph taken at a proper DMV (can't have one submitted in absentia or else everyone would be allowed to provide one, if located in the South must be able to show they are not a minority (if they are the only one of a kind or even part of a few, should they be allowed to vote?), proof of U.S. citizenship and last but not least (you can add more) they must be able to sign their own name if it can be claimed or proven they can't read or write and they MUST sign in the presence of a qualified person.

If they can't pass any of those tests then they can't vote and may not be citizens and if that's the case, they must get green cards or visas.
And if they are under age, a guardian (husband AND wife - male AND female) must br responsible for the actions of the corporation until it's of voting age or suffer the same legal ramifications as human children including incarceration.

Sure. Give them the vote. Just be sure they meet the same qualifications as humans. Then make them pay the same taxes, follow the SAME laws and be subject to the same conditions in America as the rest of the humans.

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