Monday, February 04, 2013

Crazy-Ass Repugs Have Taken Over NC

There goes the neighborhood!

After Pat McCrory took office, he promptly gave his own staff an 11% raise. But he doesn't think the rest of us should get any breaks, nor do the gopper lawmakers who were gerrymandered into office. On the agenda in the NC House tonight? Cutting unemployment benefits, and reducing the amount of time the unemployed can collect them.

At a demonstration in Asheville today, these lawmakers were challenged to live on what lawmakers want to be the maximum unemployment benefit, 350.00 a week. Which isn't enough for rent/house payment, insurance, gas, bills, let alone food! Housing is expensive around here, and so are gas and utilities. Not only do the wages here not cut it, and neither does unemployment.

None of the repugs came forward to take the challenge of living on $350.00 a week (before taxes), even for one week.

Next on the agenda? Preventing any expansion of Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act. After all, they have to set big bucks aside for corporate tax loopholes! Although I'm not sure if this would be before or after eliminating all the liberal arts courses at UNC.

And let's not forget fracking the shit out of NC - a state which has incredible, irreplaceable natural resources and is a major tourism destination. But I'm sure ruined land and undrinkable water won't make a dent in the quality of life here (???!).

Considering that McCrory apparently operates on the George Dubya Bush-level of cognition  (he thinks oil is a renewable resource), maybe we shouldn't be too surprised. Let's make sure this Bozo and his slimy cohorts are one-termers.


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