Sunday, February 03, 2013

9/11: The Experts Speak Out

The following is a 60-minute version of the original documentary:

BrassCheckTv reports that "a Public Television station ran this film to great acclaim. It raised tons of money for their fundraiser and was the most watched video on the national PBS web site for many weeks. But NOT ONE of the other over 350 PBS member stations aired it and reaped the obvious rewards. Why? It was too hot to handle."

The only reason the entire mass media deliberately ignores this is because they have their orders. "Pravda" only tells approved stories (or fluff stories), after all.  Shouldn't the fact that the msm uniformly censors all 9/11 investigative information be ringing a few more bells for folks? 9/11 was the largest mass murder in American history - how come no one is allowed to discuss efforts to discover the actual facts in this crime? I've even noticed some networks editing out older program footage that shows the twin towers - what's that about? Are we supposed to all pretend the WTC never existed, or are we just supposed to not think about it even for a few seconds?

Considering that we lost many of our constitutional rights, ostensibly because of 9/11, and that this country now sends fully automated killing machines on assassination missions worldwide in the name of "the war on terror", I'd think that this disastrous diversion away from everything this country was intended to resemble might warrant some inquiry, but maybe that's just me.


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