Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The War on Whistleblowers

Firedoglake asks, "Why is the only American to go to prison over torture the man who blew the whistle on it?" That's a good question. The answer would be that the government is out to attack those who criticize it, and point out its criminal behavior. To Gov-corp, it's not the atrocities that are the problem, it's the people who have the audacity to point them out, or who try to change the system with activism.

FDL adds that "it's worth noting that the president's war on whistleblowers and activists is destroying lives -- from Pfc. Bradley Manning's inhumane and lengthy pretrial confinement, to potentially pushing Aaron Swartz to commit suicide. Now they want to send to prison the guy who spoke out against the brutal and inhumane treatment of detainees -- not those who actually meted out torture.

Intense public outcry against the incarceration of John Kiriakou is our best hope at saving him from a similar fate and preventing the overzealous prosecution of others. We need to call attention to the grave injustice that puts the whistleblower behind bars before the torturer...."


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