Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Quote of the Day

"This President’s first term was marred by a shocking refusal to hold Wall Street criminals legally accountable for fraud, or even for laundering drug money for killer cartels. Those same Wall Street criminals destroyed millions of jobs and trillions in middle-class wealth, yet presume to lecture the President and the nation on the need for Social Security and Medicare cuts to fix the economy...."

-Richard Eskow


Blogger Jefferson's Guardian said...

Another quotation from the author:

"Perhaps the greatest tragedy of the first Obama Administration, and its core error, was the President’s decision to lean on former President Bill Clinton and his team. Clinton’s a very popular figure personally, but his economic team were the GOP’s co-conspirators and co-architects in the design of our current economic misery."

Whether Democrat or Republican, the hand-off is always made seamlessly and without question. It's the American way, after all, where power is transferred peacefully and orderly. This doesn't mean, however, the transfer wasn't without pretext. It was, and it has been for a long while. It's the secret to the silent coup d'état that has strangled our governing bodies; the blindness of our citizenry, which has accepted a single governing party.

Welcome to the Corporate State of America: Totalitarianism turned on its head.

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