Monday, November 12, 2012


Hey, I just found out about something that sounds like an unbelievably bad idea, but apparently it's real: There's a proposal before the United Nations that would give the UN control of the internet (Huh??) I was surprised to learn of this because I've heard zip about it. Given the significance of such a measure being implemented, you'd think we would hear something about the proposal, yes?

Common Dreams writes that "Trade unions, Greenpeace and communications corporations including Google on Monday launched a campaign to stop a proposal before the United Nations that would give the UN control of the internet.  "Stop the Net Grab" opposes the plan by some telecommunications companies and countries including China and Saudi Arabia. If approved, it would allow the UN's International Telecommunications Union to charge users for services such as email and restrict access to the internet and monitor activity online. ....

 If the plan is accepted, according to ANLN, "the changes would allow government restriction or blocking of information disseminated via the internet and create a global regime of monitoring internet communications—including the demand that those who send and receive information identify themselves." It would also allow governments to shut down the internet "if there is the belief that it may interfere in the internal affairs of other states or that information of a sensitive nature should be shared"...... More here.


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