Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Big Fat LIES The CONS Are Telling About Social Security

The following piece by Lynn Stuart Parramore does a great job of analyzing and debunking the crap being bandied about in the media by the conservatives who are trying to gut the last of our social safety nets.

 If you or your loved ones hope to have/keep these benefits - benefits we have paid into our entire working lives - then honey, start squawking! Read the entire article, and print out a couple of copies. Have one handy when your loud-mouth, looney, wingnut relatives start spouting their garbage at Thanksgiving. Am I advocating getting argumentative at a holiday gathering? If that's what it takes to be heard, then hell yes! If not now, when? And anyway, why is it okay for big-mouth, blubber-gut Bubba to have his say but not you?

Screw the holiday bullshit - this is reality!

The Giant Lie Trotted Out by Fiscal Conservatives Trying to Shred Social Security
 Lynn Stuart Parramore, Alternet

Trying to convince the public to cut America’s best-loved and most successful program requires a lot of creativity and persistence. Social Security is fiscally fit, prudently managed and does not add to the deficit because by law it must be completely detached from the federal operating budget. Obviously, it is needed more than ever in a time of increasing job insecurity and disappearing pensions. It helps our economy thrive and boosts the productivity of working Americans. And yet the sharks are in a frenzy to shred it in the upcoming “fiscal cliff” discussions.

The most popular red herring Social Security hustlers have unleashed into the waters of public discourse has grown into such a massive whale of a lie that liberals frequently subscribe to it. The idea goes like this: We need to somehow “fix” Social Security because people are living longer – “fix” in this context being code for “cut.” Two groups stand to benefit in the short-term from such a scheme: the greedy rich, who do not want to pay their share in taxes, and financiers, who want to move towards privatizing retirement accounts so they can collect fees. As for the masses of hard-working people who have rightfully earned their retirement, the only “fix” is the fix they will be in if already modest benefits are further reduced.

Here are five clear reasons why the life expectancy argument is nonsensical, counterproductive and based on a pack of lies....


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