Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Quote of the Week

"...There are several revealing lessons about this media swooning for Petraeus even as he exits from a scandal that would normally send them into tittering delight. First, military worship is the central religion of America's political and media culture. The military is by far the most respected and beloved institution among the US population - a dangerous fact in any democracy - and, even assuming they wanted to (which they don't), our brave denizens of establishment journalism are petrified of running afoul of that kind of popular sentiment..."

-Glenn Greenwald 

 If you're as disgusted as I am by the worshipful, adoring, mournful, and completely NON-OBJECTIVE reporting of the General Betrayus resignation, by those who are SUPPOSED to be adversarial truth-tellers (yeah, right), don't miss the rest of Greenwald's insightful piece. 


Blogger Father Tyme said...

Bullshit! It's all guilt for the way Vietnam Veterns were and are treated.

Ask any of these flag-waving, fucking hypo-crities about whether they want to support troops from the "current wars" and they'll tell you a big "Yes Sir", (until it comes time to pay for them out of their pockets).

Then ask why they don't support the guys froim Vietnam, the guys with PTSD from Nam, the guys who came back with degenerative problems, the guys who fought a conflict that was in many ways worse than Iraq and Afghanistan, the guys who can't get VA help because the poitic-rats have their heads up each others asses while corporations are sucking them off to get more tax breaks!

Fuck every one of those Monday Morning Patriots!

And this doesn't even take into account the older guys from Korea and WWII...Oh, that's right, they're too old. They'll be dying soon anyway.

That's what the new group has to look forward to. And if they believe otherwise, they have no business defending Corporate America/

1:51 PM  

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