Saturday, November 17, 2012


Okay, you've heard about the petitions on the WH site, requesting that the signatories' states be allowed to secede from the union. Well, it seems that the guy who started the one for Alabama is actually pissed off because "the government" shut down his topless car wash. In 2001. And it was closed by local officials, not the feds. And besides, BushCo was in office then.

So he waits until 2012 when bronco bama is re-elected before wanting to part ways with Unca Sam? Hmmmm... Sounds like someone might just have a few other issues!


Blogger Jefferson's Guardian said...

It appears Derrick Belcher has already successfully seceded...from reality.

Sure, let Alabama go -- along with Texas, Oklahoma, Mississippi, Louisiana, Florida...

Did I miss any?

(They've already seemed like foreign countries for a long time.)

9:30 AM  
Blogger Anna Van Z said...

That's for sure!

Actually, the wingnuts in those states (and others) should form their own country, preferably OFFSHORE!

1:26 PM  

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