Friday, November 30, 2012


Yep, the week got away from me again, folks! I know you know what that's like. Just like you get how life's snafus generally pop up when least convenient! Ah, well...

So much to be incensed about this week, I hardly know where to begin. Is all the punditry spew about the bogus "fiscal cliff" getting on your nerves as much as mine? The lack of reality-based budget discussion in the msm is truly stunning, even by current standards of what passes for journalism. On CBS, they've even taken to letting to CEOs create their own propaganda on the airwaves. But then again, CBS and the other networks long ago abandoned any real attempt to serve the public with accurate, uncensored information, so while it's disgusting, it's not exactly surprising. CBS hasn't been the network of Edward R. Murrow or Walter Cronkite for some time.

Here are some of the shameful charlatans behind "Fix the Debt" propaganda campaign.

Meanwhile, in other grating news this week, Obama started out negotiating fiscal issues using his standard strategy of giving away half the farm before anyone has even sat down. That's what he knows, that's what he does. For those Obama-bots out there who believed that once freed from reelection worries the "real" Obama would emerge, well, here he is! The real Obama - the one we've been seeing all along. $400 Billion in Medicare and Social Security cuts??! HELL NO! This means 'merkins better get off their duff and actually get out into the streets for something other than big sales on cheap crap from China, because hel-lo, no one else is going to bat for us. At all.

Today I was listening to part of "Frank on Friday" while in my car, that great weekly airing of Frank Zappa tunes on WNCW, when I heard a segment that went "Wash-ing-ton, looking out for number're not even Number Two"....Blatant truth recognized years ago; why do so many not see the obvious now? Personally, I think the folks who have postulated that humans are getting dumber are onto something.

Anyway, the following is a good read, and a more truthful definition of *entitlement programs*.
Excerpt:(emphasis mine)

"The two issues dominating the "fiscal cliff" discussion have been the left's push to end the Bush tax cuts for the wealthiest 2%, and the right's push to cut Social Security and Medicare benefits, which they and the mainstream media punditocracy dubiously refer to as "entitlements." But the Democrats are whiffing on the biggest issue - which hasn't gotten any press - corporate tax loopholes and Wall Street speculation. The only "entitlements" we should be talking about cutting are the billions of dollars in corporate profits we're allowing to be offshored to tax-free bank accounts in the Channel Islands, and Wall Street traders making risky, tax-free speculative bets." More here.


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