Monday, November 05, 2012


It's almost over; the unrelenting, piercing, Chinese water torture-style ordeal known as the American electoral process. Now more than ever, the PTB must keep the facade of democracy going, at least until they no longer profit from the show. So instead of celebrating the cornerstone of a free and healthy society, most of us, numb to the ghastly caricature of democracy we've been inundated with, can only look forward to a break in the incessant media barrage.

The main choice de jour consists of bad and worse, and it's a challenge to tell which is which. But aside from that little problem, the underlying framework and technology supporting the process is massively manipulate-able, critically flawed, and not even remotely secure. Not to mention corporations, foreign and domestic, can spend unlimited billions to install the people and measures which serve their interests alone, and can do so anonymously for the most part. And at the state level, so many measures have been enacted that were designed to exclude large groups of people who are legally entitled to vote that we now require international monitors to observe the election. Just like other banana republics.

So whether you vote for bad or worse, there is no way to know if your vote and that of your neighbor's will be altered, counted, or deleted altogether. The system is terminally corrupted, and the truth few want to face is that we need to scrap it and start from scratch. Is that even possible now, in our current police-state plutocracy? I don't know. But what's the alternative? The public has been hemorrhaging civil liberties, resources, and jobs since 2000. What does that portend for our future?

No matter what may come of tomorrow's big show, I don't have a good feeling about the months ahead. What about you?


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