Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Ya Think?!

Glad somebody got around to thinking this thing through - at least partly, anyway! Although the concern is centered on the economic costs to the U.S. and the developed world, and no one sounds very concerned about the cost in lives, whatever serves to put the brakes on impending disaster is fine with me.

The idea that wingnuts continue to forward, namely that an attack on Iran would be some sort of short and limited operation, shows that they truly are beyond rational thought and intelligent reasoning. Maybe being presented with some economic nightmare scenarios will piece the cocoon of greed and madness - but then again, maybe not.

Sure hope such a scenario isn't part of an "October surprise" cooked up by Nutball-yahoo and the neocons! Neither of them are above launching war, death, and destruction if they believe they can gain power and someone else's resources.


Blogger Jefferson's Guardian said...

"If the U.S. and/or Israel launched the attack, he said, 'we can expect extremely strong opposition from Russia, China, Brazil, and even India.'"

Certainly -- these are all countries (with the exception of India...for now) that have decided to abandon the U.S. dollar as the reserve currency, and have agreed to trade oil in their own currencies. This is the real reason for the United States wanting to attack Iran. The idea that their nuclear capabilities pose a threat is more neoconservative exaggeration (i.e., "lies"). The abandonment of the dollar, and the resultant devaluation, could start the dominoes tumbling toward hyperinflation and a world unlike any we've ever experienced before. Fortunes would be lost.

But, of course, the corporate mainstream media, by way of their "sins of omission", will never reveal this basic truth to the American people.

War is inevitable; it's just a matter of when. Of course the ignorant masses will stand behind whatever the president and our corrupt congress says must be done. It'll be 2003 (2.0), all over again. Obviously, the stakes will be higher.

Harry Truman was right.

6:25 PM  
Blogger Father Tyme said...

Who is going to fight the next war(s)?

We're running out of volunteers. That can mean only one thing; only one place to get the fossil fuel sacrificial neo-saurs to do the dirty work. I look for proposals to be made by whichever asshole wins to open the door for conscription.

Mark my words. We didn't have enough men for Vietnam which lead to only one choice. It going to happen again...and sooner than most Americans think.

No, FT. The people wouldn't allow that! Right. Just like FISA, (American) drones, executive execution orders, indefinite detention of only suspected people, elimination of the Fourth Amendment, criminality in the wealthy going unpunished while Jean val Jean goes to jail for stealing bread to stay alive, internment camps that people know don't really exist, just like the truth we were told about 9/11...

And when many refuse to fight,(and many will)examples such as Bradley Manning will be meaningless blots compared to the incarceration, humility and outrage Those Who Watch will heap upon them through a sychophantic media.

The media remind me of a cat in heat. Rub her back and her ass goes straight up in the air. Politicians rub the media and they wait for the inevitible - but with smiles and much adualtion thinking they're the pets of the corporatists.

In the past, the late 80s and 90s and even as little as 2010. something could have been done to change this. But the American People have become even stupider as time passed.

Like cattle entering the chute to the stun chamber. And they are so ignorant, they gladly go willingly.

It's now down to only one choice. There's only one way to stop this Rape of America. We just need more people to realize it, if only for our children.

When you have nothing to lose, nothing matters.

8:32 PM  
Blogger Jefferson's Guardian said...

Father Tyme: "Who is going to fight the next war(s)? We're running out of volunteers. That can mean only one thing; only one place to get the fossil fuel sacrificial neo-saurs to do the dirty work."

I suspect they'll find volunteers just as they do now -- by reducing and eliminating the opportunities for gainful and well-paying jobs in the overall economy. When young people can't find work, they either continue living with their parents, or they "join" the military. Let's call it what it is -- voluntary conscription.

3:15 PM  

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