Sunday, October 14, 2012

Romney's Dream for America...

Which apparently is to turn 98% of us into Chinese-style serfs who work 7 days a week in fenced compounds for a pittance, serving their corporate overlords. Listen to witless Mitt speaking at this private $50,000 a plate fundraiser. He actually believes what the Chinese handlers tell him, when they *explain* that they keep the workers inside barbed wire compounds to keep people on the outside from coming in and trying to take the jobs! Oh, right....and I'm in line for the British throne.

Romney is one of the worst of the millionaire politicians who have been happy to sell off America bit by bit to foreign nations, like China, Japan, Saudi Arabia, etc. And why not? He has personally sent so many jobs to Asia, why not let 'em buy up our country to boot? As long as the investor class profits, screw any antiquated notions like loyalty to America!

Ryan's big plan for when he gets a hold of more power is to sell off public lands, which hel-looo, belong to the PUBLIC - you know, things like National Parks and Forests - which he claims are "unneeded." No doubt there are millionaire developers/campaign contributors just itching to turn public lands into private "gated communities" that only the rich can access.

And the who would get the money? Undoubtedly the money from OUR resources would go to fund more tax breaks for millionaires and corporations. Oh, and don't forget more weapons. We can't leave out the war and weaponry lobby! Naturally, R&R would still proceed with gutting Medicaid, Medicare, and Social Security, programs we've paid into our whole working lives - because those are "entitlements".

Anyone who votes for these sociopathic grifters is a delusional, mentally-impaired tool.


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