Thursday, October 11, 2012


The headline reads, Death of roach-eating contest winner remains a mystery. Then the Miami Herald article explains that "Eddie Archbold ate so many live roaches he had to cover his mouth with his hand to keep them from crawling out. He swallowed the 3-inch insects faster than he could chew, trying to down as many as possible in four minutes to win a pet python in a most unusual eating contest."

Aside from the fact that the scenario described above is just fundamentally, grotesquely WRONG on so many levels, has it dawned on anyone down there that speed-eating large insects which humans were never intended to consume might be part of the problem? I know why he died, and I wasn't even there! His body decided to shut itself down before Archbold could find something more repulsive to do with it - kind of like biological self-defense. It had taken all the abuse it could take from Eddie, and pulled its own plug.

And what's with the competition for a "pet" python?? There is no such thing as a pet python because pythons aren't pets! They are cold-blooded reptiles (like Congress!) who belong in the wild. You cannot walk a python. You can't cuddle with a python. The python can't purr, play with string, or catch a frisbee. Snakes. Are. Not. Pets!!! Dear gawd, could people get any more looney? (Wait, don't answer that).

Then the article says that, "There were four ball pythons to be won, and so many people signed up, the store owner decided to have a meal-worm-eating qualifying round. 'It was pretty disgusting, but I like to participate in the reptile community and I don't mind putting on a show,' said Matthew Karwacki, a 26-year-old student at Florida Career College in Lauderdale Lakes who won a lesser platinum ball python in the cricket-eating contest. 'I guess if you really want a snake you can eat a hell of a lot of bugs.'

Over the course of the night, Archbold ate more than 60 grams of meal worms, 35 three-inch-long 'super worms' and part of a bucket full of discoid roaches. He started vomiting after the last contest and collapsed outside the store."

Is it really such a mystery why he died? What I want to know is, who the hell ARE these people, and how can I make sure I never encounter them?? More here.


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Another strange contest...

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