Wednesday, October 31, 2012

It's Halloween, With Grim Reapings....

And a stranger one I can't recall. From the NC mountains to the Mid-Atlantic to the Northeast, people are trying to restore power and what passes for normalcy these days. Hope you and yours are holding up well, wherever you may happen to be!

Sorry to have been gone for a week - had a series of crises to attend to, most not weather-related. My friends in Madison and Yancey counties aren't so lucky, though. Some areas there got almost two feet of snow, and pretty much everything had been cancelled Monday and Tuesday. The temps will be warmer today, though, and continue to improve through the weekend.

Before this storm and the other fronts collided, it had been very nice for almost a couple of weeks - daytime temps were in the 70s. A few days ago (seems like forever now), I was in Fletcher Park and saw a violet blooming. Closer to home, I saw two crab apple trees blooming, and a couple of my patio blueberries were blooming as well. Then, this; a ferocious blast of cold merged with a very large hurricane.

Sadly, I don't think enough people really get yet that this is the new *normal*. And it's a very expensive normal. We are now going to reap collectively what has been sown by the greedy corporatists who run the government, and who have steadfastly refused to take the actions needed to prevent climate catastrophe. Why? Because they didn't want anything to interfere with unbridled profit-making. The investor class and its toadies in Congress were loathe to spend relative pennies in the present to avoid spending trillions later.

Instead, they launched campaigns funded by billionaires designed to mislead and confuse the public about what was happening before their very eyes. Scientists worldwide warned of this outcome, but thanks to the billionaire obfuscators, bewildered citizens chose to believe those loud, angry mouthpieces on right-wing hate media and the teabag tools passing for legislators in Congress.

But meanwhile, other developed countries have been taking action. Only the U.S., alone in the developed world in its toddler-esque refusal to change its national behavior, has sat on the sidelines. In twenty years or less, some European counties expect to be energy independent, and I don't mean with dirty, polluting fossil fuels, or by fracking underground aquifers  into unusability. I mean by wind, solar, energy-conserving construction, and so on.

Meanwhile, corporate pretenders in Congress continue to hoodwink the public, so they can continue their unbridled handouts to the fossil fuel, coal, and nuclear industries - handouts which they soon will announce must be paid for by "austerity measures" designed to remove what remains of public resources and social safety nets. And that's no matter who wins this farcical election. Although the process might be a little slower with the Dems.

This, we will be told, must be done to "save" these programs. Kind of like how we had to "liberate Iraq in order to save it". And what's that body count up to now? How many Americans know, or even care?

Just like we will soon be told 24/7 that Iran poses an "imminent threat" and must be attacked. The very serious talking heads of the Pravda Gov-Corp media conglomerates will harp on this night and day until the majority of simpleton Americans, stripped of their ability to think critically, will accept this nonsensical notion without question. Hey, who can bother with facts when you have a deluxe cable subscription with the expanded sports package?

Happy Halloween, dearies. Things are gonna get really scary - very, very soon.


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