Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Just for the Record.....

I pay a higher percentage of income tax than Mitt Romney or his billionaire funders, and I also pay more in income tax than at least 26 of the wealthiest corporations in this country, who have an effective tax rate of ZERO. I get no ag subsidies for my crops, animals, or acreage, none of the tax breaks that others get for being married and having kids, and I also have no offshore accounts or dummy corporations with which to hide income. I'm guessing you're mostly in that same boat.

This piece from Mother Jones shows Mitt speaking at a private millionaires' fundraiser and talking about, among other things, how "47% of Americans pay no income taxes". What he doesn't share is that three-fourths of households in that 47% pay no income tax because of "provisions that benefit senior citizens and low-income working families with children." In other words, older folks that are retired and working families with children. And they still pay sales tax, state tax, property tax, gasoline tax, etc., etc. They also don't get additional government "subsidies" like witless Mitt and his cohorts. Nor are they hiding assets with offshore dummy corporations.

Since Mitt's global financial elite wants to turn us all into low-paid serfs with no benefits or retirement, it may surprise them to realize that we humans believe when folks have worked their asses off their entire lives, they should get a little break so they can relax a bit before they die. But since the world that Mitt's ilk dreams of is far closer to the world of Soylent Green than Mayberry, that doesn't surprise us.
 If Mitt and his funders are so concerned about people who pay no taxes, they should start with themselves and their billionaire corporations which pay no taxes AND STILL send all their jobs overseas! And since Mittens still refuses to release his own tax returns for the past decade, we don't really know what he pays - if anything.

And yes, in return for my taxes, I am "entitled" to healthcare - as anyone should be in a civilized society! Like the rest of the developed world, for example. I also expect highway maintenance, police protection, libraries, and all the other things taxes should pay for. I have also paid into the Social Security trust fund since the age of 14 when I started working, so yes, I am "entitled" to get my money back when I retire! I don't want privatized government services or Wall Street-managed Social Security, and neither do the vast majority of Americans.

I couldn't get through all the clips on the Mother Jones page because of the bile rising in my throat (there's just so much outrageous crap being shoveled here) but maybe you can. See what you think.


Blogger D. said...

Oh, good. I was about to cobble up a similar rant.

It's as though the 19th century was their golden time and they want it back, isn't it?

2:54 PM  
Blogger Dredd said...

Very well said Anna.

9:23 AM  
Blogger Anna Van Z said...

Thanks, y'all!

7:05 PM  

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