Monday, September 03, 2012


I'm watching the early arrival of fall around here, one of the earliest I can remember. In spite of that, I have an Azalea bush that keeps trying to bloom! Everything is sped up, or mixed up, it seems. These days, more than ever before, I have an almost constant inner sense of impending disaster and impending crisis. I used to feel it was due to my awareness that our political system, along with the world's economic elite and our clueless culture, is leading to devastation for not only billions of sentient being like ourselves, but the very planet that gives us all life. It makes me feel sad, frustrated, angry and afraid. And when I think of the world that the next generation of life will inherit, I feel full of despair.

I know now that I'm also hearing the earth itself - sometimes whispering, sometimes shouting, but always communicating to us she's in dire, dire straits. Many of you share this same awareness, and the same frustration and anger. But hardly any of the people who are in a position to make a difference with sane action are listening. They are deaf, dumb, and blind, to everything but their own drives, their own avarice. Addicted to wealth, position, and authority, they fail to notice that their destructive, self-centered plundering (and enabling) is exactly the same as what led to the collapse of numerous civilizations and empires in ages past. Ones way bigger and older than ours. As Chris Hedges observes,

The giddy, money-drenched, choreographed carnival in Tampa and the one coming up in Charlotte divert us from the real world—the one steadily collapsing around us. The glitz and propaganda, the ridiculous obsessions imparted by our electronic hallucinations, and the spectacles that pass for political participation mask the deadly ecological assault by the corporate state. The worse it gets, the more we retreat into self-delusion. We convince ourselves that global warming does not exist. Or we concede that it exists but insist that we can adapt. Both responses satisfy our mania for eternal optimism and our reckless pursuit of personal comfort. In America, when reality is distasteful we ignore it. But reality will soon descend like the Furies to shatter our complacency and finally our lives. We, as a species, may be doomed. And this is a bitter, bitter fact for a father to digest. (Chris Hedges, Life is Sacred)

As George Monbiot writes, we are going to pay a terrible price for this charade.

I watch the wind rippling through the cornfields in the late afternoon sunlight, and I feel unspeakable loss.


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