Thursday, August 30, 2012

Paul Ryan Obscures His Koch-Backed Agenda With a Pack of Lies in Convention Speech

In the interest of fair disclosure, I must tell you that I did not watch myself. I haven't been watching any of the repugs spout their delusional, self-serving psychopathic babble this week, because I haven't been feeling well. See, I was afraid that the constant hum of frenetic lying, like the deafening buzz of an infestation of destructive insects, would make me projectile vomit until I collapsed on the floor in a spent heap. But, at least the Romney campaign has finally admitted that the truth doesn't hold much sway with them: As Romney's campaign manager recently stated, "we’re not going to let our campaign be dictated by fact checkers.”

Besides, since the obsessively fawning coverage of the right-wing media is nearly impossible to escape, I was sure I'd hear the featured portions spouted ad nauseum anyway. And I was right. There is absolutely nothing on most msm media that represents an objective analysis, any kind of fact-checking, or little things like balanced, accurate reporting. As usual, one of the few exceptions has been from McClatchy.

As regular readers of this blog know, I'm no fan of Obama - or of most of the dims, for that matter. But I'm even less of a fan of sociopathic, manipulative, greedy, power-crazed liars. The level of deliberately manufactured bullshit put out by the repugs has reached unprecedented levels, and I think that the number of gullible idiots who eat this stuff up with a spoon is truly frightening. They remind me of the "good Germans" of the Third Reich, who went along with whatever insanity that bellowed forth from Nazi Party pulpits until it was too late for anyone to opt out.

As pointed out on Alternet this morning,  "whether falsely claiming that President Barack Obama was looting funding from Medicare to pay for health-care reform, blaming the President for the nation's credit-rating downgrade that came about as an unprecedented refusal by congressional leaders to raise the debt ceiling (a maneuver Ryan helped to lead), or accusing his opponent of refusing to to implement the recommendations of a bipartisan commission on the debt whose final report Ryan voted against, the Wisconsin congressman proved himself willing to hoodwink the American people with a smile on his boyish face.

It was to be expected, I suppose, given his status as the youthful ward of David Koch , the billionaire funder of Americans For Prosperity, the astroturf group that helped lift the Wisconsin congressman from relative obscurity to the lofty post of House Budget Committee chairman, where he has championed a set of ideas that could have been authored by Koch himself -- ideas that fundamentally revolve around coddling the rich, crushing the poor and giving the shaft to the middle class.

It's not really a set of ideas one can sell truthfully to the voters, most of whom belong to the classes at which you're aiming the boot and the shaft. So, a little lying -- or a lot -- is required..." More here.

Also check out the fact-checking whizzes from They are offering the "Ultimate Viewing Guide to Romney’s Post-Truth Campaign." 
Update: Daily Kos says a number of media outlets have noted that Ryan's speech (and Romney's) was seriously challenged in the reality department.  Amazing - there's still a few journalists around...


Blogger Jefferson's Guardian said...

What can I say? The man has made a career for himself in the public sector through an almost unparallelled capacity to market deception and deceit as reality and honesty.

Beware, for the young Eddie Munster has grown up. The cute little werewolf can now shape-shift and cast a trance over those who are feeble- and simple-minded. Undoubtedly, the conclusion of the RNC was a must for tonight, otherwise his uncontrollable transformation during tomorrow's full moon would have proven disastrous for the Romney campaign. The intractable serial-lying, just two days before this lunar cycle, surely had his staffers on edge.

Great article, Anna! Excellent!

8:50 PM  

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