Saturday, June 05, 2010

What are they up to, really?

The average American probably hasn't even heard of the Bilderberg Group. Especially those citizens whose every spare moment is spent distracting or entertaining themselves in front of bright flashing screens of various types. Others who have heard the talk about the group dismiss it as shadowy conspiracy nut talk, mostly because it would be too much trouble to examine what's being said, as that would require thinking. But others do wonder what influence this group of the world's richest and most powerful exerts on the events that impact us all.
The Bilderbergs are meeting this week in Spain, and as always, their meeting is highly secretive and tightly guarded. The one person who has managed to infiltrate and get the inside dope on this group is author and journalist Daniel Estulin. He claims that one of the topics being considered by the Bilderberg Group now is the crash of the U.S. Dollar - among other things.
No matter what you believe - if anything - about this shadowy group of world shakers, the fact is their influence is enormous and ubiquitous. They have spent decades engineering world economies and markets into tools that do their bidding, and that most definitely includes major U.S. institutions, such as the Federal Reserve Bank. Ignore their allegedly treasonous, toxic agenda at your peril.
Daniel Estulin recently gave a presentation about the Bilderbergs at the European Parliament headquarters in Brussels, Belgium:
"During his speech, Estulin stated that according to his sources, an attempt is under way, even in the current financial crisis, to purposely destroy the world economy through the transfer of wealth from people to the masters of the world. This, necessarily, will happen through the banking system, whose major institutions – the IMF, World Bank, the Federal Reserve and the ECB – are controlled by Bilderberg..." Read the article about Estulin's claims here.


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