Saturday, June 19, 2010

Sheldon Whitehouse Lays it Out

Sounds like Sheldon should be IN the White House!
From Crooks and Liars:

excerpt -
"..It is a striking example of regulatory capture: Agencies tasked with protecting the public interest come to identify with the regulated industry and protect its interests against that of the public. The result: Government fails to protect the public...

This government of ours, founded in a revolution pledging the lives and fortune and sacred honor of those early patriots; this government of ours, which has raised for more than two centuries the promise of freedom in human hearts; this government that lifts its lamp aloft to brighten the darkness of chaos and despair in far distant corners of the globe; this government, whose finely tuned balance, crafted by the Founders, has seen us through Civil War and World War, through westward expansion and Great Depression, through the light bulb and the Model T and the Boeing 747 and the iPod; this government of ours, formed by Washington and Madison, Jefferson and Adams, and led by each of them, and later led by Abraham Lincoln and by Harry Truman and by Theodore Roosevelt and by Franklin Roosevelt and by John Fitzgerald Kennedy; this American Government of ours should never be on its knees before corporate power, no matter how strong. It should never be in the thrall of corporate wealth, no matter how vast.

This American Government of ours should never give the American citizen reason to question whose interests are being served. Never.

In this complex world of ours, government must protect us in remote and specialized precincts of the economy. In those remote precincts, few people are watching, but big money is made. We must be able to trust our government, both in plain view in front of us, and in corners far from sight, to be serving always the public interest, not doing the secret bidding of special interests, of corporate interests because that is where the big money is at stake.

Have we now learned, have we now finally learned, with the financial meltdown and the gulf disaster, the terrible price of all those quietly cut corners? Have we now learned what price must be paid when the stealthy tentacles of corporate influence are allowed to reach into and capture our agencies of government?

We cannot allow this government that is a model around the world, that inspires people to risk their lives and fortunes to come to our shores--we cannot allow any element of this government to become the tool of corporate power, the avenue of corporate influence, the puppet of corporate tentacles..."

Read the rest at Crooks and Liars, and note Sheldon's simple, straightforward proposal to begin the desperately needed clean-up of our regulatory agencies. Then let's keep the 8 people in congress who are like him and Alan Grayson, and boot the rest out - regardless of "political party"! And that includes the corporate tools occupying The White House at present. Aw, don't think that's fair? Read yet another one of the many examples like this, and tell me if there's any other way for those of sound mind to interpret that. And please don't forget what Obama CHOSE to overlook in his haste to assist Big Oil in its ongoing plunder of our planet's natural resources.


Blogger Dion said...

Wonderful words from Senator Whitehouse. Let's not hold our breath for the passed and signed legislation. I appreciate the good Senator's sound words. He spoke to the heart of the matter. However, the present makeup within the government gives me little hope for the near future.

As you say, Anna, "keep the 8 people in congress who are like him and Alan Grayson, and boot the rest out - regardless of "political party"! And that includes the corporate tools occupying The White House at present."...
I agree but see it as a lifetime quest much like Ahab's white whale. Keep the faith, I guess. Hope is a better mindset than despair.

2:34 PM  

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