Monday, May 03, 2010

Wingnuts Busy Spreading Oil Spill Rumors

Gee, rightwing extremists spreading untruths when catastrophes prove the inherent flaws in their cherished policies? I'm sure you're completely surprised!
Yes, reality has never been any impediment to the wingnut agenda. They just plow ahead with their talking point edicts, untroubled by actual facts. Utilizing the propaganda techniques of Nazi spin master Joseph Goebbels, they repeat the same few points loudly and continuously, until the majority of people start accepting the lie as truth. Just look at the success they've had with phrases like "liberal media", for example!
But currently, nutbag doofus-land is promoting the concept that a "radical lefty environmental terrorist group", namely Earth First, is somehow behind the explosion and uncontrolled oil spill from BP's drilling platform in the Gulf.
Aside from the unmitigated wingnut hatred of anything supporting the environment, the righties would like their devotees to buy the notion that offshore drilling platform operations are safe and an absolute necessity; and industry should just be left to its own self-monitoring when the prospect of additional safety and environmental protocols are raised.
The rabid right was drooling and licking their chops when it became evident recently that Obama was going to lift the ban on additional offshore drilling. Now all that has been shot to hell, by this inconvenient human and environmental tragedy, whose damage will likely be beyond the scope of current understanding.
Which of course means that the only counterpoint they can possibly dredge up - no pun intended - is an entirely fictional one.
According to the Guardian UK, "While the cause of the leak remains unclear, speculation centres on two areas: the "cementing" process to secure the well walls – work that contractor Halliburton insists was completed 20 hours before the accident – and the "blowout protector". The equipment, supplied by US firm Cameron International, "is the ultimate failsafe mechanism", Hayward said. "And for whatever reason, it failed to operate."
The report also states that "Tony Hayward, BP chief executive, has stressed BP accepts its role as "responsible party" for the clean-up and has pledged to cover all "legitimate and objectively verifiable" losses caused by the disaster".
I doubt very much BP would acknowledge being the "responsible party" for this mess if there was the slightest chance the catastrophe could be blamed on someone else, but first and foremost, there is not one iota of evidence that points to any outside group being the cause of this disaster. None. Zip. Nada. Not a shred - not even anything circumstantial.
But again, when do the facts ever stand in the way of wingnut hate-and-attack speech?


Blogger Peter of Lone Tree said...

...there is not one iota of evidence that points to any outside group being the cause of this disaster.

Wondering, Anna, if you would settle for an INSIDE group, ala WTCs 1, 2, & 7.
Here's something from a blogger named "Eileen" over at CRYPTOGON
4.Eileen Says:
May 4th, 2010 at 3:52 am
If you go onto the NOAA website, the map of the oil spill shows that there are Air Force Unexploded Ordance Dumping Zones nearby the now defunk oil rig.

I don’t know how you enlarge that freakin picture.

And I also don’t know if something drifted off that explosive dump that finally was exploded by all the freaking air gun sonar that oil companies have been pounding the Gulf with since its now freeedom to drill wherever you want to.
(I will not quote Sarah Palin).

But this is quite sickening to me.
A few links that brought on my illness: see page 14, item 5 (don’t know how to make a direct link where I want to send you)
But this sucks! Jesus, Mary, and whoever, since when can our Air Force dump unexploded ordance into the Gulf? Fluck!!!
I have no advice for anyone, but you know this makes me sick.
I’m keeping my head down this spring/summer season, and if the freakin shitstorm this oil spill will bring to this earth, I might still be growing a crop of Roma tomatoes for canning (I’m about out of canned tomatoes).
This oil spill is scaring me. Big time. Crying about it. Anyways, good luck friends. Not a one of us gets out of here alive.

5.Eileen Says:
May 4th, 2010 at 4:16 am
I reread my post and the first link did not take you where I intended. Here is another linK:
Then look-ee-see this:
So there’s all this oil and unexploded ordance in the Gulf of Mexico.
I can’t come up with the picture, but there’s something about the two of these together that spells the cause of the oil spill in the Gulf today.
Hope Kevin can pick it up. Thanks.

10:59 AM  

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