Sunday, March 21, 2010

Yesterday's Demo in DC

Here's some pictures from the event, courtesy of Jefferson's Guardian:

ABC News had some coverage of it, but overall it looked like the tea-baggers at congress got the bulk of the coverage, which was the case with the local media coverage in WNC. In Asheville, a bunch of them had a protest downtown, and a more stereotypical image of them you could not find. Fat, stupid, ugly white people, with barely a GED between them.
Naturally, they were going on and on about how if we had publicly funded health care (like Medicare, dumb fucks? ) we'd all be lost in the iron grip of communism. You know, like the rest of the developed world!


Blogger Jefferson's Guardian said...

As I said in my previous remarks about the "official" guesstimate, I wasn't too far off. [sarcasm] But I was right-on-the-money with the organizer's estimate: 10,000.

I do believe there were 2,500 cops, though, circling Lafayette Park and lining the march route. Maybe that's what they meant? [more sarcasm]

3:40 PM  

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