Friday, March 26, 2010

Please help get a REAL public option enacted!

In a new video, Rep. Alan Grayson (D-FL) says, "We all know the health care bill is missing one important thing -- and that's the public option."

Grayson just introduced HR 4789, the "Medicare You Can Buy Into Act," a stronger public option that would be available to everyone. It's got huge momentum with 80 co-sponsors already.

Grayson is asking for help in getting to 100 co-sponsors. Please call your congressional critter today to convey your support.

Tell your representative:
Co-sponsor Grayson's "Medicare You Can Buy Into Act"!

BoldProgressives.Org suggests something like this:

Hi -- this is_________and I'm calling from [TOWN].

I am calling to ask Rep._______ to co-sponsor Rep. Alan Grayson's Medicare You Can Buy Into Act, HR 4789. It's a simple 3-and-a-half page bill that would let everyone have access to Medicare if they were willing to pay for it.

There are 80 co-sponsors already. Will s/he join?


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