Sunday, March 14, 2010

Hel-lo.... It's simple, it would WORK!!

PLEASE - Start badgering, start harassing, and start getting LOUD to your alleged representatives this week, preferably Monday. STOP BEING NICE. STOP BEING POLITE. STOP BEING AGREEABLE. Stop pretending that your nicety-nice communication attempts are going to see anything but the circular file . Then, ask whatever flunky you talk to when you call at least some of the following:
1) Why can't we just have a Medicare buy-in option, at cost, for any citizen who wants or needs it??
2) Why do you people act like everything in a healthcare REFORM bill has to be acceptable to the insurance industry? Is it your job to represent them, or the voters who elected you to make BIG CHANGES that BENEFIT US???
3) In what bizarro universe do you think it's acceptable for American citizens to be FORCED BY LAW to buy obscenely over-priced services from giant, for-profit corporations?
4) Do you understand that it's your REFUSAL to do these things, your cowardice to act, using the pathetic guise of "bipartisanship", that will be costing you your job? (However, unlike you people, we don't have cushy corporate gigs waiting for us when we lose our jobs. Or the lifetime guaranteed government-provided healthcare that y'all get!).
If we don't have the balls or backbones to do something other than bitch amongst ourselves, then let's just hang it up. Just admit to yourself that you're too much of a pussy for the responsibility of a democracy and call it a day.


Blogger Jefferson's Guardian said...

I can tell you this. I'll call my representative tomorrow, as I'm prone to do when major legislation is pending, and I'll tell his measly little intern to pass along the following message: If you vote for this piece-of-pandering-to-the-insurance-industry healthcare legislation, you'll not only not get my vote this November, but you'll unapologetically be admitting that you are a corporatist -- like our president -- and don't give a damn about the people who voted you into office.

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