Saturday, March 20, 2010

Happy Spring!

Yes, I'm still here, folks. Sorry for the unintended production break - my job has been way beyond demanding this week, and I had to redo most of the fencing on my little farm - the horses kept getting out.
To give you an example, last night a neighbor came to the door and said the older mare was on the front of his property, right by the road. In other words, the sort of thing that gives us animal moms a freaking heart attack! She's the dark one of the two, and is almost invisible at night. I grabbed her halter and some sweet feed, then headed out. I did catch her, then put her in the barn for the night while I spent the next couple of hours fixing the fence. She hates having to stay in, but it's my job to keep her safe.
After those repairs, I had to jerry-rig a way to get a water line to the barn, which is far more challenging in the pitch dark. Long story short, finished up the emergency repairs at about 10:45p, and quickly realized that I was too tired to move or even shower, let alone post.
Additionally, my mom is in the later stages of Alzheimer's, and she's had a very bad week. She's desperate to take off and go - somewhere, anywhere, only she knows - and my dad will find her with things in garbage bags, clothes in suitcases, fixing to head out and go. I'm now keeping the little car she used to drive out at my place - there is no way she should EVER drive again. But unfortunately, she's more than happy to set out on foot. My dad had to go to the courthouse this week and see about getting guardianship. Which is hard for all of us, but especially for him. They've been married 59 years.
On the political front, there's a big demonstration in DC today, "the largest protest in recent times against the criminal wars in Iraq and Afghanistan launched by the Bush administration. Thousands will demand accountability for the torturers". It's at noon at the White House, and I'll have my own roving correspondent there! Look for news on the event later today.
And, it's the first say of SPRING, the Vernal Equinox, and there are powerful, chaotic astrological aspects going on - in spades.
From Cosmic Calendar:

Every so often the universe seems to go way overboard - crowding many alignments and celestial events into one 24-hour time-period. Examine the following list and you get a sense of how complex today's vibrations may be.

Mercury squares Pluto (1:16AM PDT). The Sun enters Aries (10:33AM PDT). The Moon parallels Mars (10:35AM PDT). Mercury parallels Saturn (11:20AM PDT). The Moon makes a 60-degree link to Uranus (11:34AM PDT). A void lunar cycle in Taurus occurs from 12:42PM PDT to 5:29PM PDT when the Moon enters Gemini. Mercury makes a contra-parallel tie to Uranus (2:48PM PDT). The Moon makes a 60-degree contact with the Sun (6:03PM PDT). The Sun squares Ceres (6:03PM PDT). The Moon makes a 60-degree connection with Mars (7:11PM PDT). The Moon trines Saturn (7:58PM PDT).

This list includes five key lunar aspects, the Moon's shift and a 4+ hour void cycle, three planetary link-ups, one solar tie and the Sun's entry into Aries which is the equivalent of the birth of spring in the Northern Hemisphere. If just the Sun were entering Aries, this alone would make this day very important. Certainly the Sun's entry into Aries is a cause for some celebration as this star shift offers you a new, dynamic template to bring your most fervent ideals and visions into earthly reality in the coming months.

However, with Mercury square to Pluto, Sun square to Ceres and some questionable lunar vibes and a 4+ hour void cycle in late Taurus, there are definitely circumstances beyond your control that can potentially set you back in your valiant attempts to be successful down the road. Keeping too many secrets or repressing deep-seated emotions can prove stifling and self-destructive. Feeling blocked in your productivity is another impediment that may needs to be removed from your soul-personality expression.

The Moon's entry into Gemini (5:29PM PDT) can represent breakthroughs in communications, literary and musical improvisation. The lunar orb - making three favorable contacts - to the Sun, Mars and Saturn - helps to end this key date with more hope and promise than when it began with Mercury and Pluto at loggerheads.


Blogger Jefferson's Guardian said...

Gee, I guess as your "roving report on location", and with a deadline of "later today", I guess I better get busy!

Yes, having the fortunate (or unfortunate, depending upon your perspective) circumstance of living close to D.C., I attended today's antiwar rally and march this afternoon. It couldn't have been a better day, weather-wise. The temperature was in the mid-70s and the sky was a clear blue. There were people from all walks of life, and all ages. All socioeconomic levels were there, and every ethnic group and race; black, Latino and Latina, white, Asian, name it. All came with the same sense of purpose and calling: to end the corporate-sponsored wars and occupations continued under the Obama Administration.

The rally featured several speakers, all expressing the same sentiment: Obama is no different than, and no better than, his predecessor. Essentially, it's the same s#*t; different day. Each called for resistance toward the two-party; one system rule. The crowd's reaction was proof that the real progressives among us, those who really "get it", understand how we've been hoodwinked into believing "change" and "hope" make good campaign foreplay, but the real f#*king came later. And,if you've been even remotely affected during this "recession", this f#*king wasn't an act of love. It was an act of violence; aggression against all the working and (dwindling) middle class folks in this country.

Around 2:30, the marchers assembled and moved peacefully down Pennsylvania Avenue and turned north up 18th Street and made a big square going back east before returning to Lafayette Park across from the White House. As expected, the Park Police and the District's finest were in full force. Standard uniforms and bicycles were the order of the day; no riot gear or bully clubs were seen at this event.

Interesting to this cub reporter, there wasn't any evidence of major media reporting the event; no cameras were seen, other than those of independent media organizations, and their reporters, interviewing the organizers of the event.

I'd estimate the crowd to be 10,000 strong. I told Anna this, and later got the same estimate from a fellow marcher I was talking to. But, I'm not in the business of calculating crowd density and grid methods, so I'm sure the official Park Department's numbers will be closer to the truth. Like, maybe, 152 people. ;-) And, I'm almost positive, the gathering at the Capital, happening concurrently by the Teabaggers, will be reported as at least 400,000 strong.

I promised Anna I'd send pictures of the day's events later tonight. Log on tomorrow to get a glimpse of what the major media surely will not bother to let you see. Why would they? War is good business.

8:05 PM  
Blogger Jefferson's Guardian said...

I must be dreaming (or hallucinating). The Washington Post was obviously present at yesterday's event. Check out the images from both the rally and march.

Meanwhile, down the street, things apparently got ugly at the Capitol. 'Members of the Congressional Black Caucus say racial epithets were hurled at them by angry "Tea Party" protesters; Rep. Barney Frank was heckled with anti-gay chants.'

The Teabaggers have no shame.

(By the way, It should have read "...your 'roving reporter on location.'. My "editor" imposed such an insanely impossible deadline on her cub reporter. Working elbow-to-elbow from a crowded coffee house near the White House, I was furiously pounding the keys to bring you this exclusive. ;-)

10:55 AM  
Blogger Sara said...

I'm sorry to hear about your mom. My ex-'s grandma was more than happy to set out on foot, too. Because it was a multi-generational household there was usually someone at home to keep an eye on grandma, but it got to where the father had to put a combo lock on a side gate, and install a deadbolt requiring a key to unlock from the inside. Otherwise she'd grab her purse, a lot of kleenex, a couple bananas, and start 'walking home'. 'Home' was an island on the Sacramento Delta where she was raised on a farm 80 yrs ago.

11:30 AM  

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