Monday, March 29, 2010

Bill Moyers: The Health Bill Is a Bonanza for the Insurance Industry and Other Monied Interests

Um, yeah...This is what I've been sayin' for about a thousand years. Unfortunately for the minority of thinking people who still reside in these United States, any MSM coverage of those critical of the bill has only spotlighted tea-bagger whack jobs. And their rabid, sound bite-deep offerings consist solely of the eminently tiresome screed that publicly funded healthcare is socialism. (Ironically, this hasn't stopped older baggers from using their Medicare).
Dear Gawd. How stupid can some people possibly be? The main problem with the bill is that it isn't nearly socialistic enough! There's not even one public option, for chrissakes! Not one chance to purchase a healthcare plan that isn't from a gi-normous, largely unregulated, multi-national corporation. A for-profit corporation, whose primary objective is to increase profits by denying you and your loved ones needed medical services, procedures, and treatments.
Hel-looo! In what universe is this legalized extortion a desirable model for a country's healthcare?
In spite of the fact that every congressional representative you can name is a MILLIONAIRE, their comprehensive health plan, which is paid for by YOU, is permanent, lifelong, and unconditional. You know, kinda like prison inmates.
Let me break this down for you: Your brother, uncle, father, or mother may die because needed treatments or surgeries won't be covered by an insurance company - but your millionaire congressman has no worries. Neither does the rapist or murderer doing hard time in prison.
So if this is the kind of system you think America should be all about, then you might just be a fucking idiot.

By Bill Moyers
On Alternet:
So we got health care reform last week -- but it's a far cry from reformation. For all their gnashing of teeth, the insurance companies still make out like bandits.

That wickedly satirical Ambrose Bierce described politics as "the conduct of public affairs for private advantage."
Bierce vanished to Mexico nearly a hundred years ago -- to the relief of the American political class of his day, one assumes -- but in an eerie way he was forecasting America's political culture today. It seems like most efforts to reform a system that's gone awry -- to clean house and make a fresh start -- end up benefiting the very people who wrecked it in the first place.
Which is why Bierce, in his classic little book, The Devil's Dictionary, defined reform as "a thing that mostly satisfies reformers opposed to reformation."
So we got health care reform last week -- but it's a far cry from reformation. You can't blame President Obama for celebrating what he did get -- he and the Democrats needed some political points on the scoreboard. And imagine the mood in the White House if the vote had gone the other way; they would have been cutting wrists instead of cake.
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