Saturday, February 20, 2010

Warning: They're at it again

Right now I'm listening to a t.v. commercial for a powerful psychiatric drug. The ad was made by a leading pharmaceutical company, and I have to hand it to them - they really have the mass manipulation stuff down to a science. The promoted drug has a laundry list of serious, potentially lethal side effects and reactions, and the primary ones are dutifully recited as required by law. They're spoken by a narrator with an authoritative, yet melodious and soothing female voice. She lists them in a resonant, conversational tone, one that evokes the feeling of a scholarly, worldly, and slightly older aunt speaking. The tone of reassurance croons on, against a backdrop of emotionally touching images and heart-strings music: A mother able to again play with her child, a woman able to get outside again with her beloved dog, and active mid-life friends laughing together around a campfire. Awwwww.
The point? Just pay attention to the happy pictures of hope and belonging, and pay no mind to the long list of serious side effects. You too can be happy again, with the right pharmaceutical product.
And that's it. They're off the hook. At least as far as gov-corp is concerned.
Can you imagine if herbal and vitamin supplements caused even a fraction of the deaths that Big Pharma's products cause? Please. The theatrical roar of pseudo-outrage from FDA and congressional toadies as they raced to do their corporate master's bidding - prohibiting the unrestricted sale of herbal products - is as predictable as sunrise.
Yet, in spite of there being no actual threat from the plants, berries, roots, and seeds that have been safely used for centuries, gubmint ninny-nannies have launched yet another assault on your right to buy, grow, and use medicine from plants as you see fit. Please follow this link for more details, and info on how to make your voice heard on this issue.


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