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Down the memory hole...

Last week, Alternet ran excerpts of a recent talk between Bill Moyers and Thomas Frank. In it, they discussed how the G.O.P. has totally gotten off the hook for the enormous social, economic, and political destruction they've wrought during the last few decades - the last ten years in particular.
This is one of the things that has struck me as especially ludicrous, even against the backdrop of the Theatre of the Absurd that our culture has descended into. The sheer wreckage itself is astounding, and the direct trail back to its source is obvious. So how (and why) have these GOP corporatists been allowed to reframe the entire conversation, so that their very significant contributions have been deemed "off the table"? Talk about down the memory hole!
And even though the goppers have been the minority party in two branches of government, they have been allowed de facto control of the legislative agenda, and they define the parameters of the corresponding debates with little resistance. They masterfully deflect attention away from the actual issues, and instead zero in on the pseudo-social issues they've perfected just for that purpose. All with impunity.
Dick Durbin said almost exactly that on Friday, stating that "Democrats would be ‘on trial for treason’ if we adopted GOP tactics."
Of course. No argument there! But who enabled this? Even after they won a clean sweep in the 2008 elections? And why haven't dems called out these "blue dog" DINOs, who subvert any meaningful change at every possible turn? No one is saying to act the GOP gestapo leadership, wherein some members are hot to force a "GOP purity pledge" down every candidate's throat. But sweet baby Jesus on toast - either the Dems are the most spineless, nutless wonders imaginable, or they are complete sellouts. Either way it's despicable.
Myself, I've been wondering what part of this sorry state is directly due to our conservative-owned media monopolies. And what portion of blame should be rightly assigned to the utterly cowardly, craven demo-wimps, who apparently quake in dread at the thought of righty disapproval - or a reduction in corporate donations? And WTF is wrong with American citizens?? Are we too numb, too traumatized, too brainwashed, too brain-dead, too gullible, stupid, overwhelmed, or fearful to stand up and roar in our own defense? To pour into the streets by the hundreds of thousands to send a message too loud to ignore? Why is it that only corporate-launched tea bagger drones with their carefully rehearsed talking points garner any widespread media play?
And the biggest question I go back and forth with: Is it already too late for us, too late for any chance of a functional democracy? Is the corporate takeover of our government complete, a done deal? Or is there still some small hope, provided we organize en masse now, coordinate, cooperate, and start talking to everyone we know about what's going on right under our noses? And, provided we unite - leaving the organizational posturing, ego-based infighting behind, and at least appear as a strong unified front like the gopper nutballs do. Isn't it time we started making THEM nervous?
Anyway, the discussion below is insightful and spot on. Check it out, see what you think.

Bill Moyers & Thomas Frank: How America's Demented Politics Let the GOP Off the Hook for Their Giant Mess

THOMAS FRANK: Think of all the crises and the disasters that you've described. And I would add to them things like the, what happened in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. And the Madoff scandal on Wall Street. And, you know, on and on and on. The Jack Abramoff scandal. The whole sordid career of Tom DeLay.

All of these things that we remember from the last decade. I mean, some of them that we're forgetting. Like who remembers all the scandals over earmarking, anymore? And who remembers all the scandals over Iraq reconstruction? All that, you know, disastrous, when we would hand it off to a private contractor to rebuild Iraq. And it would, you know, of course, it would fail.

Those things have all sort of been dwarfed by the economic disaster and the wreckage on Wall Street. But I would say to you that all of these things that we're describing here are of a piece. And that they all flow from the same ideas. And those ideas are the sort of conservative attitude towards government. And conservative attitudes towards governance. Okay?

BILL MOYERS: That government is a perversion.

THOMAS FRANK: Government is-- yeah, government is a perversion. And to believe that the federal government can be operated, you know, with all of its programs, can be operated well and do things that are good for the people, is, as you say, is a perversion. Read entire piece here.


Blogger Jefferson's Guardian said...

As usual, another excellent and revealing interview by Bill Moyers. Frank's concluding comment was chilling, given the implications of the latest SCOTUS decision: "But by and large, the prominent leading Democrats in our society don't do that [fight back against the Republican government-haters]. Why is that? Because I think that would get them in trouble with their funders. I mean, the power of money is huge in the political system. You know, despite all the efforts that have been made over the years to get money out of politics. It's still immensely powerful."

It's evident that much of today's ignorant and forgetful citizenry, addicted to their untruth-serum of choice, Fox News, has become engrossed in ideas and soundbites that shape their whole world; their total existence, really. The manipulation of their senses, and actions, apparent at a recent Sarah Palin book signing, has resulted in devastating consequences for our democratic processes that will not be easy to thwart. This country has no fear of being overtaken by armies from afar; this legion of imbeciles and morons will conquer it from within.

"We have met the enemy and he is us." -- Pogo

9:55 AM  
Blogger Anna Van Z said...

Speaking of Palin, apparently her own PAC bought up something like 50,000 copies of her book. I guess that's one way to have a bestseller! It also answers the question many of us have been asking; namely who the fuck would buy that thing!

7:23 PM  
Blogger finefroghair said...

wow I followed your link from "the rant" and what can I say your analyse is right to the heart of the matter

we are a spineless nation that engages in fruitless wars be they against terror or drugs

you nailed it the complicity of the corporate media is overwhelming and quite possibly so influential that we might just be helpless in their grasp

the electorate is a massively ignorant rabble that is hell bent on self destruction the only hope we got our blogs like this that try to get the message through keep up the great work.

5:27 PM  

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