Monday, September 22, 2008

Where's OUR Debt Bail-Out?

I just finished reading an article over at Bloomberg's, discussing the proposed federal bail-out of AIG. It's well worth checking out. It sounds like the Democratic leadership is prepared to sign on to the measure without debate, aside from insisting on some basic caveats involving homeowner mortgage aid, and limits on CEO compensation. One would think that these would almost go without saying - after all, this IS our money, is it not? Yet the con game operators are balking at this! Like it's somehow unreasonable to attach conditions to a taxpayer bailout to the tune of $70 billion dollars. Paulson said that restricting CEO compensation would be "punitive". Yes, God forbid those at fault should have to bear the stigma of having less money. Why should they suffer - they've become accustomed to a certain lifestyle, after all.
Paulson also stated that while he could compromise somewhat on aid for homeowners, he wanted only "components" of aid to be included in the bail-out. He said that the issue was already being addressed by the pitiful Bush plan, which ultimately would assist only about 14% of those needing help - and then only if participating banks agree. It does nothing to help those who have already lost their homes. But hey, the gubmint needs for CEO compensation packages to remain untouched! Paulson also stated that those homeowners were probably people who were going to leave their homes anyway. No, I'm not kidding. Read it for yourself, and sniff the stench of shameless hypocrisy, utter gall and the insanely bloated sense of entitlement that drifts up from the screen.
I, and millions of other American taxpayers do not agree with this bail-out at all. Let 'em fall. This is the free market these greedy robber barons wanted. No regulations, no constraints, no limits to the schemes that could be launched and profitted from. Hell, they found people to sucker all over the world; our international allies also got fleeced for billions. Oh well! The white-collar scam artists don't care. They're just sorry the schemes couldn't have gone on longer. 
This situation, and those like it in recent weeks are the corporation's fault, ultimately. But the government has utterly failed every U.S. citizen, as well. These results were completely predictable, and were in fact predicted by some very smart people who knew what stupidity it was to eliminate the market controls that had been in place since the Great Depression. A depression that we're likely to duplicate within the next 12 months. Yet as usual, legislators didn't care to listen.
And now the government can't move fast enough to bail these cretin swine out out of their devious, disastrous swindles. On Monday, call and fax these buzzards who call themselves our representatives, and let them know what you think of this bullshit handout package. Speaking for myself, I want to see my tax dollars spent instead on helping the millions of homeowners who have been victimized by the financial industry. And immediate,
meaningful financial regulations enacted, now.
**Here's Federal contact info for all states. Scroll down the page, enter your zip. It has direct links to the web forms, and White House email.

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