Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Make the Time TODAY

This is it, folks. Do or die. If ever there was time to take 10 minutes out of your day to make yourself heard to legislators, newspaper editors, radio shows, and friends, this is IT. TODAY. 
Think about the hopes you've had for your children, and the kind of future you have envisioned for them. Did that future include being a serf in a massive Corporatocracy? Because what we are looking at here is the very real prospect of a wholesale transfer of public wealth to the same corporate thieves and grifters that created the financial disaster we have now. They want YOU to bail them out. But they will be giving up nothing, sacrificing nothing. While you get poorer, they'll keep getting richer. And you can also forget about health care, infrastructure, tuition help, or your social security. Your government will be handing over your retirement to the grifters, and will drain the social security trust fund to do it. Then, surprise! "We have to privatize social security to save it". See how it all works?
Not only will you not be in on any future profits, your representatives will not even have the right to review, monitor, or modify these dealings in any way, shape, or form. It is giving dictatorial powers to the same man, Hank Paulson, who personally engineered the con games at Goldman Sachs as its CEO, and then ran it into the ground financially. This man wants unfettered access to your money to hand out to his billionaire cronies on Wall Street, solely at his discretion. To the same financial industry that rammed the bankruptcy bill through congress several years ago, remember that?
Consumers needed to take "personal responsibility" for their debts, they insisted. No exception could be made if your family was bankrupted due to a medical crisis, job loss, or some other situation. Didn't matter, by God, because you were going to pay those corporations until you died! "It's all about personal responsibility", echoed the congressional lackeys, who overwhelmingly passed the industry-authored bill. So where is the corporate responsibility? What are they going to give back to us? Nothing, that's what. The GOP doesn't even want executive compensation capped, because that "would be punitive", said Paulson. No reviews, no oversight, just pass it now because we said so. And of course, they've been correct about so much, right?
What no one seems to be talking about is the fact that this mess won't be fixed by shifting the debts onto the back of the taxpayer. What this bail-out will do is add another $1 or $2 trillion dollars to the national debt. Interests rates go up, real estate crashes, unemployment skyrockets, and the international banks will be dumping dollars as fast as they can do so. Basically, inflation would be extreme, as the demise of the dollar accelerates. What the investment firms want to have happen, among other things, is for them to get compensated for their losses at the inflated rate that they created. As Mike Whitney over at Smirking Chimp (9/22) points out, "No one has any idea of the magnitude of the deleveraging ahead or the size of the debts that will have to be written down".
This is how they rushed through the Patriot Act, with this kind of garbage, exploiting a crisis at a vulnerable moment. This is not accidental - a White House spokesperson admitted that the WH had been working on this "for weeks" - well before this current crisis. If you let this go without doing something, then you are a fucking idiot. Either you're too lazy, or too stupid to think for yourself, and content to swallow whatever gobblety goop they pour down your throat - even if it costs us our country and your children's future.
The time for every person to act is yesterday. Did you call your legislative stooges? Great. Call 'em again today. Fax 'em. Send email. If you are at work now and pressed for time, click on the following link to quickly send a letter to congress.
Your children and I thank you.

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