Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Bail-out is Just More Trickle Up Economics

From Joe Bageant:
"...I never make predictions, but now I'm willing to guess that it's going to take a genuinely brutal collapse, one in which our citizens cannot get even the most basic necessities of life before the spell of American exceptionalism is broken. And even when that happens I have no doubt the citizenry will be provided with some appropriate scapegoat abroad, most likely a Muslim or Russian one. Hell, they are already ginning up the case against several suspects.

"I find it amazing that after the highest rolling scam artists are given a walk for their theft. Our government is now letting the collapsing industries consolidate and actually own thousands of banks at the local level. I suspect that having raped the public for fees and having exhausted all the other mortgage racket scams, they now want to get closer to the pockets of the people and "get first count of the dough," as the carnies used to say. He who gets first count always makes money in the carnie world.

"Another local citizen I talked to said: "Well, it's all more complicated than we can understand. You have to leave it to the experts." As if "the experts" somehow are not human beings prone to greed or other human folly. That people can watch such a disaster happen before their very eyes and somehow not relate it to their own lives as Americans boggles the imagination. It goes beyond apathy and into the realm of learned helplessness. Complete helplessness in the face of the corporate state. Complete reliance upon unseen "people in high places" who somehow know what is best for the rest of us, and belief these people will act first in our interests instead of their own.

I fear for this country's fate. I really do."


Blogger Peter of Lone Tree said...

There will still be those who choose to not believe the Russian or Muslim connection, and insist that we brought the economic catastrophe upon ourselves.
For those folks there's always the "Rex 84 Solution".

8:23 PM  
Blogger Anna Van Z said...

Dang! Hope we don't end up in the Alaska one! Isn't there one in Guam or Hawaii? Figures the biggest one is in Alaska! Can we put in requests? I'm guessing there won't be a pool...

People are just SO uninformed. They seem to just live in their little tiny bubble, and they would prefer to keep focused on trivia and entertainment. The fascade of "normalcy" is comforting, I guess. But it's now or never for this juggernaut of corporate facism to be stopped. This really is it. Mother Jones (the person) once said, "pray for the dead, and fight like hell for the living".
Those of us who do see the con have to keep fighting like hell for the living. But I do have a bad feeling, a very bad feeling, about what's coming in the near future.

Re: Rex-84: I hold scant hope that our fellow citizens would protest the "pre-emptive incarceration" of a few million of us. If Faux news said it was for the good of the homeland, they would just nodd their bobble-heads along with the tee-vee.

10:38 PM  

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