Saturday, January 20, 2007

Watch -N- Laugh

If you're in the mood to be both entertained and disgusted all at once, just follow the link below to some great C-span footage, courtesy of "Crooks and Liars". It shows the desperate, almost unbelievable attempts by the GOPS in the House to stop the bill that eliminates some of the huge tax cuts for Big Oil. Naturally, this is something that the Repuglicans worked so long and hard for - massive tax breaks for their corporate handlers, so they had to pull out every ridiclous trick in the book in an effort to get rid of this progressive bill.
The Repugs labeled it "The Hugo Chavez Bill", and one after the other stood up and declared that President Chavez was among America's "worst enemies" and "a tyrant". Although not clear how, the bill supposedly adds to Mr. Chavez's coffers, and that, according to the GOPS, is "supporting communism" (eeek! )Are they STILL using that tired old rhetoric? Yep. A Rep from Alaska stood to testify in a red shirt, because, as he declared, "this is a communist bill". Oh my.
I hadn't noticed that Mr. Chavez had been so elevated on the list of countries that the neo-cons call "enemies", and I realized that this can only mean that the neo-clowns have Venezuela in their sights as an oil-rich country to invade and take its oil - under the guise of "liberation", of course!
Is there anyone reading this that still has doubts about what the Iraq slaughter was really all about?



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