Sunday, September 10, 2006

The Tiresome and Utterly Predictable Media Drivel About 9/11

Whether it's reading the typical 9/11 articles in the newspapers, or listening to programs like CBS This Morning, we are inundated with the same basic storyline about 9/11, and there's still nothing different being said by the corporate media drones. None of them are acknowledging the unmitigated disaster which is Iraq, none of them are talking about how anti-American sentiment worldwide is now a constant, or how terrorist recruitment has increased exponentially, or how the Busheviks constantly manipulate the public with "terror threats" and "terror plots thwarted", or who has benefitted from this ubiquitous "war on terror" (hint: cronies of CheneyBushCo).
And above all, we certainly aren't hearing about the abundant evidence that contradicts much of the official 9/11 Commission Report, or about any of the dozens of unanswered questions about the events of 9/11. Any acknowledgement of such issues are quickly labeled as crackpot conspiracy theories, thereby dismissing the questions and the people asking them in one fell stereotyping swoop.
The media also isn't talking about the widespread, majority dissatisfaction with the BushCo empire, and how the vast majority of Americans are significantly worse off economically, and about how dozens of important programs have been slashed to pay for tax cuts to the very wealthiest Americans and industries like the oil/gas industry, which has seen record profits beyond compare.
And this week, when they deigned at all to address the howling controversy around ABC's upcoming Mockumentary of 9/11, EVERY single network refused to mention that many hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of Americans had called and wrote ABC/Disney in outrage over the inaccuracies of the GOP-paid for propaganda movie. They ALL said that "Clinton Administration officials protested the movie's content". Like those were the only people who had objected to it! And this was involving a supposedly competing network! This should inform all of us as to the extent that corporate media continuously advances the GOP agenda, no matter what. However, it also tells us that large numbers of people willing to call or write these networks and their major stockholders CAN shake them up considerably. I'm quite sure ABC/Disney was NOT expecting the nationwide fury over this piece of crap fiction posing as truth! That, at least is gratifying...



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