Monday, August 14, 2006

Taking Credit Where Little is Due

If there was anything more pathetic and annoying this week as the GOP desperately trying to frame the mainstream opposition to the war as a leftist fringe movement, it was the Busheviks taking credit for stopping the alleged terrorist plot in Great Britain. The plot, apparently engineered by British nationals of Pakistani descent, was intercepted by MI5 and Scotland Yard, agencies which had conducted the months-long investigation and surveillance of the alleged conspirators.
But you would not have known this by listening to the GOP agenda-ists of the corporate news media here in the States. The political posturing of the Busheviks, patting themselves on the back for preventing an attack on commercial aicraft, was front and center. The typical content of this fabricated media presentation was perhaps best expressed by GOP Senator Pat Roberts, appearing on "Face the Nation" Sunday morning. He sat there with a straight face, talking about how successful the Busheviks have been in preventing terrorists attacks, and used this week's plot spoilage as a prime example - failing to mention, of course, that the moronic Bush and his minions had nothing to do with the detection of the plot. He decried the opposition to the Bushies as divisive, sending the wrong message, and warned that if Americans couldn't unify behind this fight against terror, well, he just didn't know what would become of us!
He also reiterated the GOP propaganda points that Americans are safer because of the Busheviks and their illegal, unconstitutional violation of existing laws designed to protect Americans from a tyrannical government. Naturally, the corporate media drones offered no argument, no counterpoint, no Democrat who was willing to step up and label this absolute bullshit for what it is. Obviously the media is responsible for the inaccurate GOP talking points they spew on a daily basis, but another piece of this is WHERE ARE THE DEMOCRATS? WHEN, IF EVER, ARE THEY PLANNING ON WAKING UP, GROWING A SET, AND MOUNTING SOME SORT Of ACTUAL FACT-BASED, AGGRESSIVE OPPOSITION??
The truth is that we are more at risk than ever! The misguided war in Iraq has alienated allies and galvanized our enemies like never before. The unprecedented, massive recruitment of future terrorists has spread to Islamic citizens not even residing in the middle east. The staggering numbers of terrorist wannabes worldwide indicate that these folks are now in virtually every and any western country you can name. The war has also depleted our domestic resources, and on the homefront, the many recommendations of the 9/11 Commission remain unimplemented. Shipping containers, airline cargo, and more remain unscreened, and trains for the most part are unprotected. Yeah, not getting the "safer now" part! But aside from the occasional squeaks from the time-out corner, the Dems are mostly silent. One wonders what it would actually take to elicit an aggressive campaign of some (or any) sort from these folks. I guess we shouldn't hold our breath, eh?



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