Monday, August 07, 2006

Corporate Media Ignores Comprehensive Report

The recently released report,"The Constitution in Crisis", published by John Conyers, meticulously details the nearly constant law-breaking on the part of the Preznit, and the Bushevik drones in his administration. The report has been extensively footnoted, and provides concrete evidence of Bush's illegal conduct. You would think that this would at least merit a mention on the major news networks - we all know the extensive coverage that would be given to a Republican releasing such a report on a Democratic president - but in this case, there was nary a mention on any network with the exception of a brief blurb on CNN. They refuse to even mention the well-documented evidence of a multiple law-breaking president!
So, an illicit sexual encounter (that didn't impact anyone's life or civil rights) is covered ad nauseum, 24-7 for months, but a neocon extremist administration can violate laws and the constitution at will, and it doesn't even merit a mention. If this doesn't convince you that we absolutely do NOT have a free, democratic, or fair media, than you are probably brain dead. What can we do? What the righties do; contact the major media outlets every day. Let's email them, let's call their viewer contact lines, let's send 'em letters and focus on the same message - we expect coverage of ALL the news that impacts Americans, and we are sick to death of nothing but GOP talking points, rewritten as news. We also need to remind these news networks that they have a critical role in a democracy, and by abdicating this role, they are also abdicating the very foundation of democracy, and helping to destroy the principles this country was founded on. We need to start complaining loudly to both the media AND their sponsors. Don't assume it's not going to do any good and skip it. Otherwise, all the networks are ever going to hear from are the righties, which will serve to further reinforce their destructive policies of NOT telling the truth about the Bushevik cabal.
Read the John Conyers report at the following link:



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