Thursday, July 20, 2006

The Frothing Insanity Continues...

The Neocons can scarecely contain their delight at the (additional) warfare that has broken out in the Middle East. Newt "psycho-muppet" Gingrich declared that "this is World War III, and the President should just declare it", and Rush "limp-bits" Limbaugh says that "this is a gift from God, because now we can finally do something about Iran..." Hooray, Armageddon! We all know how hard this crowd has worked to bring it about. And the unprecedented display at the G-8 of the Bush stupidity, vulgarity, ineptitude, and blatant inappropriateness further cements the doomsday feeling affecting many of us this week. The neocons are happily dusting off the nukes, and gleefully planning their ongoing wars of aggression. God help us all.



Blogger kimba said...

Keep blogging and shouting the truth out to all those who will listen. I will revisit this very worthwhile blog !!

12:35 PM  

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