Monday, May 08, 2006

White House Knew there was NO WMDs

Another CIA staffer has disclosed that the
Bush Administration knew at least six months before
the war in Iraq that Sadaam had NO weapons of mass
destruction. When presented with intel showing compelling
evidence of this fact, CIA operatives were rebuffed, and
told that "it's no longer about the intel, it's about regime
change". At no time did Iraq pose a threat to the USA,
either in terms of WMDs or planned terrorist attacks.
Now, as the war drags on, Iraq is in chaos and shambles,
the US has alienated its supporters worldwide, generated
terrorist recruitment of unprecedented proportions, and
many thousands of lives have been lost - for no sane, logical
reason. The cost of this epic boondoggle is now approaching
one trillion dollars - that's right, TRILLION. Not to
mention the incalculable cost of lives and limbs lost,
families shattered; mothers and fathers, sons and
daughters that will never step through the doors of home
again. FOR NOTHING! Nothing except the greed and
war mongering of a psychotic administration, for very
different reasons than have ever been acknowledged to the
public. The mainstream corporate media STILL refuses
to tell the truth about this corrupt regime, and we have a
congress that refuses to act in the best interests of the
American people, instead choosing the financial interests
of the investor class over public well-being. Will there
EVER be a reckoning, some accountability for these
disasters?? Unless "we the people" start rising up and
speaking out, LOUDLY, we can kiss the America that
our forebearers intended good-bye. Look at the response
of immigrants to impending immigration reform.
These individuals turned out by the millions into the
streets to protest, and the media was forced to pay
attention, as were most politicians. But the majority
of Americans remain lethargic in front of the idiot box,
content with their sports, beer, x-box and American Idol.
Millions would rather surf for porn instead of making any
effort to find out what their government is really doing
and who really benefits. Unless we begin to value a true
democracy over entertainment and consumption, and the
well-being of our country over greed and self-interest,
we are finished. And if we let that happen, maybe that's
what we deserve.


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