Monday, May 01, 2006

Welcome WNC Progressives!

This is my first attempt at maintaining a blog, but it seems like we progressives need to connect with each other, even if only online, so we know we're not the only ones that see through the insanity that passes as "normal" these days. You don't have to wade through much mainstream corporate media to realize that they have totally abdicated their journalistic responsibility and integrity, in favor of the endless promotion of, and spin for, a corrupt and sociopathic administration.
In a mostly rural (and conservative) area such as ours, we may have this insanity in our faces all too often, and I think it can help to have a local forum in which to share our frustration, annoyance, and humor. After all, how can so many people around here be so ignorant? Are the sheeple EVER going to wake up? Sometimes, you just have to laugh, or you'd cry, scream, and probably drink too much...
I believe, as I think many of you do, that our democracy which our ancestors fought so hard for in the American Revolution, is in REAL danger of collapse. We no longer have a free press or an ethical mass media, and many of our most important civil rights have been taken away from us indefinitely (read forever, since when does "the war on terror" ever end?), and we have a sociopathic president with a messianic complex that seems bent on bringing about his fanatical Armegeddon fantasies to fruition in the world. Folks, they are actually talking about using nuclear bombs in a country that is at least 5-8 years away from even potentially posing a threat to their avowed enemies. Remember the lead up to Iraq? All the "urgent, infallible intelligence" that was supposedly "irrefutable", about the danger posed by Iraq? Now even the mainstream apologists in the media admit that this information used to take us to war was created from long-discredited snippets of intelligence known at the time it was used to be wrong.
What kind of world are we leaving to our children? Will there even BE a planet to leave to our children by the time Bush is given the bum's rush?
Please visit here as often as you wish and share your own thoughts and feelings on these and other important issues that we progressives tend to care about. Tune in and stay tuned...


Blogger Len Hart said...

thanks for kindly linking to The Existentialist Cowboy. I've added a link back to Mills River Progressive on my blog roll. Keep up the great work. We have no choice but to win this one, made more difficult by the fact that our enemy is within.

12:56 PM  
Blogger Horse Shoe News said...

Right On Anna !! We need more progressives in our conversative western North Carolina. Keep up the good work!! Bob Andrews

3:41 PM  
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