Friday, March 07, 2014

Ready to Upgrade Your Information Sources?

Following is a link to some independent news sources, shared with us by Project Censored. They remind us that "Corporate news is driven by advertising revenues and shaped by patterns of media ownership. For the news you consume, ask: What economic interests shape this content?" (Remember those critical thinking skills which are no longer taught?) The Columbia Journalism Review has a useful database on media ownership.

Project Censored also adds that, "with rare exceptions, establishment journalists rely exclusively on government and corporate officials as news sources. This means elites tend to be the sources and the subjects of most corporate news. For news stories you follow, track who gets quoted as newsworthy sources. Do these sources represent the full diversity of people with relevant information and perspectives on those stories?  For one example of this kind of research, conducted by Project Censored students and faculty, see “Oiling the Dangerous Engine of Arbitrary Government: Newspaper Coverage of the Military Commissions Act”, published in Censored 2009."

Click here for independent, non-corporate/non-government sources of news.


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