Sunday, November 03, 2013

Once upon a time in America....

 From Smirking Chimp:  
Thom Hartmann

George Washington would be rolling over in his grave if he knew what President Obama was up to.
Right now, the president is preparing push through what has the potential to be the largest trade deal in human history: the Trans-Pacific Partnership, or as it's more commonly known as, the "TPP."

If approved, the TPP would create a whole new set of rules regulating the economies of twelve countries in four different continents bordering the Pacific Ocean. These rules cover everything from pharmaceuticals to digital copyright law and could permanently change the way every day Americans and people all over the world interact with the global economy.

So, you'd think Obama administration would want to keep the public as up-to-date as possible on such a big trade deal, right?


The United States has negotiated the TPP almost entirely in secret and most of what we know about it actually comes from leaked documents.

And those documents paint a pretty scary picture. According to Public Citizen's Trade Watch, TPP would allow private foreign corporations to sue countries that try to pass regulations they don't like, reward companies that send jobs overseas, and gut regulations that keep big banks in check.

That's why the TPP is way more dangerous than normal trade deals like NAFTA. As Dean Baker wrote in a recent piece for the Huffington Post, "[Free trade] is not what the TPP is about. The TPP is about crafting rules that will favor big business at the expense of the rest of the population in both the United States and in other countries."

So why is the TPP so friendly to big corporations?

Easy – they wrote it.............. Read the rest.


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