Monday, October 07, 2013

With Rise of American Fascism, Shutdown Politics 'Predictable'

From Common Dreams:

 "All of this was predictable."
In the midst of the ongoing government shutdown—with the GOP still trying adamantly to kill Obamacare and the global financial markets now truly jittery over the quite real possibility of a U.S. default—those five words, found in Paul Krugman's Monday New York Times column, don't say it all, but they begin to tell a story long in the making.

If the current situation in Washington is a consternation to many observers, why so predictable to progressives and other political observers like Krugman? He writes:
It has been obvious for years that the modern Republican Party is no longer capable of thinking seriously about policy. Whether the issue is climate change or inflation, party members believe what they want to believe, and any contrary evidence is dismissed as a hoax, the product of vast liberal conspiracies.
For a while the party was able to compartmentalize, to remain savvy and realistic about politics even as it rejected objectivity everywhere else. But this wasn’t sustainable. Sooner or later, the party’s attitude toward policy — we listen only to people who tell us what we want to hear, and attack the bearers of uncomfortable news — was bound to infect political strategy, too.
In short, when an individual—or a political party—commits to a world view fundamentally insulated from reality, it is only a matter of time before the wheels will come off the rails. Like a pathological liar, the truth finally catches up. For a gambling addict, the house will ultimately call the game.

Over the weekend, the takeaway news was that Speaker of the House Rep. John Boehner (R-OH) was either "lying" or "incompetent" when he claimed on a Sunday talk show that he didn't have the votes to pass a "clean CR" (continuing resolution) that would end the shutdown by funding the government without GOP riders or demands. The problem, of course—as many reporters and observers documented—was that it just wasn't factually true.


Blogger Jefferson's Guardian said...

It was predictable to me. And barring what critics say regarding this shutdown being the end for the looney right-wing, I think we're seeing just the beginning of what they've got in store for us.

They "know what's best", and they're going to die showing us.

9:30 AM  
Blogger Anna Van Z said...

I think you're right - they're past the point of caring whether they're electable in the future or not. They are in office now, and they are determined to destroy everything they can.

After all, their nests are well-feathered, no matter what happens to the rest of us, so what do they care? They don't.

12:07 PM  

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