Thursday, October 10, 2013

More Lethal Police Brutality Against the Unarmed

This time, against a mentally disabled person with Downs Syndrome, who  had an IQ of 40. Killed by three off-duty cops because he tried to see a movie a second time without a ticket.  Before he died, he cried out for his mom.

I am SICK of this BULLSHIT!! Why aren't communities where this stuff happens raising holy hell in their towns and counties??!! Are most Americans really this numb, this clueless as to what this society has evolved into? It starts on the local level, and the more this is tolerated there, the more the police state escalates EVERYWHERE!

Whether it's retarded or autistic people who are incapable of instantly following "commands", deaf folks who can't hear, mentally ill people having difficulties (most mental illness does not result in violent behavior, btw), or diabetics who seem intoxicated but are experiencing dangerous blood glucose problems, the correct response for police officers (notice how they've eliminated the "peace officer" terminology?) is to accurately grasp the situation and assist these folks - not MURDER them!

Why are police officers so paranoid, so fearful? Why isn't their training focusing on understanding a myriad of situations, and individuals who might be having problems? What happened to trying NON-LETHAL methods of confrontation before heading straight to weapons, or deadly choke-holds/repeated tasering?

 And if a citizen seems like they could be an actual threat, what happened to police aiming for an arm, leg, or shoulder first instead of the head or chest? Or wrestling the person to the ground? Is it because so many police officers are fat or out of shape physically because there apparently are no fitness standards now? Or is it because the police have become so militarized, and so conditioned to view the public as enemies that deadly force is the automatic first action in a confrontation?

When police departments tell communities that in these situations that "police acted appropriately" or "acted within department guidelines", then the administration of these departments is seriously, terminally fucked up and those public servants must be removed from their jobs and new "departmental guidelines" must be implemented. Community outrage, community involvement, and community oversight are the keys to that happening.

Postscript: Here's another story from Georgia - 300 lb officer kills 12 lb. Jack Russell terrier who barked at him. If that was my dog, I would be in prison right now. And there would be one less fat psycho cop terrorizing the defenseless!


Blogger Father Tyme said...

Sadly most new cops today are assholes who cheered about Iraq and Afghanistan but chose to have bake sales and stuff envelopes instead of enlisting. What? Me enlist? I could get killed.
Instead they think they're all macho convincing themselves they're "protecting" Americans here because, somebody has to do it and...freedom!

It's a rationalization these clowns put forth but when you confront them with why didn't you enlist, they ALWAYS have some excuse that could keep them from the front but not bad enough to beat the shit out of helpless Americans or even kill them because...whatever the excuse du jour is.
These assholes almost to a person are either outright teabaggers or closet ones who would never put themselves in real danger but have no problem cheering on others while condemning DFHs.
They make me sick.

3:27 PM  

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