Sunday, October 27, 2013

Alienating and Infuriating Our Allies

Millions of Americans are furious about the extent of the NSA eavesdropping on law-abiding Americans, and now European leaders are grasping the extent of the NSA spying and unwarranted intrusion - it's worldwide. It's utterly absurd and unacceptable in allegedly "free" societies, and our allies are perfectly justified in their anger. The fact that the USG continues to dismiss the outrage, and offer meaningless "assurances" shows how deep into Empire-mode this government has descended.

The NSA, along with its neocon and zionist supporters in Congress, truly believe that they are entitled to access the personal affairs and information of any individual and any country in the world. They seem to believe that labeling their actions as "needed for national security" makes any behavior somehow okay. This is insanity. This is not the America many of us grew up in, and it's certainly not the one rational people want to live in. This level of psychotic paranoia and intrusiveness is what has characterized totalitarian regimes throughout history.

All those people who warned us back in the BushCo years that these massive violations of our constitutional rights, and all the violations of international law would NOT be limited to "suspicious muslims" were absolutely 100% correct, wingnut claptrap notwithstanding.

 And our allies are furious. As McClatchyDC reports, by Thursday evening, the burgeoning scandal had taken over a regularly scheduled European Council meeting in Brussels, where many of the 28 heads of state voiced dismay.

“Spying among friends is simply not done,” Merkel said before walking into what looked to be a stormy meeting. “I told President Obama that during his visit in June, then again in July and yesterday during our phone conversation.”

Others angrily denounced what they saw as U.S. misconduct. Italian Prime Minister Enrico Letta called the news “inconceivable and unacceptable.” Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte said he backed Merkel: “I will support her completely in her complaint and say that this is not acceptable.”

Finland’s Prime Minister Jyrki Katainen demanded “a guarantee that this will never happen again.” The news broke hard in Germany, where Merkel and her phone affinity are a commonplace sight in newspapers and news shows. The website of the newspaper Bild ran a series of photos of Merkel with her phones through the years. Thomas Oppermann, a Social Democratic member of Parliament and the head of the parliamentary committee on intelligence, called the alleged monitoring of the chancellor’s phone an outrage. “Who spies on the chancellor spies on the citizens,” he said.

“What terrorists did the NSA hope to find on the chancellor’s cellphone?” Hans-Christian Stroebele, another member of Parliament, asked during an appearance on ARD television.

German Defense Minister Thomas de Maiziere told ARD that Washington and Berlin couldn’t return to business as usual until the scandal was sorted out
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